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Visual Documentarian? Personal Archivist? Memorist?

I’m still working this out.

I love stories. Bad stories, good stories, scary stories, love stories! I collect them. Especially from strangers. You can see my collection of these over at Portrait for a Story.

Recently I interviewed my grandparents for their 60th Wedding Anniversary asking them how they met. I created a video from this (below), and while naturally my family went wild, a few people said I should offer this as a service.

As far as I can tell this service doesn’t exist. The closest I have seen offered is when you hire someone to do live painting at a wedding (a service I’d be happy to offer! Let’s talk, I’ve got amazing ideas). If you are interested in me interviewing you, your parents, your grandparents, or anyone you like and turning it into a treasured piece of art I am at your service. The end product does not need to be video, but could be a large piece of art that includes text, more animation, or include other elements!

Please send me an email if you are interested in this service! I’d love to work with people early on at a discounted rate as I work out how to fine tune the options and language around this.

Send me an email at


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