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If you search my laptop for the word “Inspirato” over 30 folders will appear. Every project I work on has an inspirational folder so I can look at work I like from similar projects. This is my Inspirato page…

Cliff Roberts and Saul Bass – they’re doing something kind of similar but totally different.

Kozyndan – I have been such a longtime fan of their panoramas and life drawings.

Kristin G Jackson -A strange story. I thought her work looked so much like my own I emailed her to talk about art and her career. It was around then I found out she died in 2012. I try to remember her constantly because our work is so alike.

Kristopher H – Years ago I took my website layout from him. Even though it has evolved since then I still go back to look at his beautiful and detailed illustrations.

Mattias Adolfsson – If only I could draw with this intense detail. Really fun!

Daniel Danger – If I had the time this is the kind of art I’d make all the time. Obsessive and time consuming. I should make the time.

Friends Artists Sites

Catherine Aiello – My best friend and sketchbook guru. Think of Sabrina Ward Harrison but even more genuine with lots of travels to Central America.

Dan Blakeslee – An amazing artist in every sense of the word.

John Stack -A friend from college his paintings have left a lasting impression.


Story Inspiration

These are the things I am constantly listening to and telling people about at parties.

This American Life – I know some people hate Ira’s voice, but I like everything they put out.More recently they’ve created contenders in projects like Invisibilia or Serial.

Radiolab – I love Jad and Robert.

Interview Project with David Lynch – very cool.

NPR Storycorp – Stories from everyday people.

Humans of New York – I don’t think I can talk about Portrait for a Story without mentioning HoNY now because it’s so well known. I think it’s a great project.


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