Somerville Arts Council
Ignite: A Fire and Street Food Festival After Dark
Event Coordinator and Manager of the Ignite Festival
Ignite is a really specially festival continuing annually every August in Union Square, Somerville. The original idea was to celebrate food from all around the world being offered right in Union Square. Immediately this festival was popular drawing a crowd of at least 1,000 the first year. It has now reached crowds of 4,000 people who gather to watch fire throwers, eat delicious food, and enjoy the delights of a Eastern-world street fair come to life right in Somerville.



My tasks in festival coordination included:

+ Contacting all restaurants and often times working with them in person to fill out food and safety regulation forms for the city.

+ Working with the Boston Circus Guild fire throwers and the Somerville Fire Department on fire safety regulations.

+ Hiring CEMI to conduct lighting and working with them to create a lighting plan.

+ Bringing in outside talent from belly dancers, bollywood dancers and keytar playing bears. Making sure they had the right sound equipment and electricity.

+ Continuously communicating with all parties above to make sure the festival happened with little issue.

+ Organize a press release for the event, talk to press and give interviews about the event.

Festival organization included contacting all the restaurants, often times working with them in person to fill out food safety and health regulation forms, working with the Boston Circus Guild and Somerville Fire

From 2010-2014 I worked as an event coordinator at the Somerville Arts Council.

See more information about Ignite at the Somerville Arts Council website.